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Our Services

All Services of Prime Phoenix Property Consult

Property Transaction Advisory

We rendered expert advice in all property transactions. We ensure that all parties to a transaction are well informed on the terms and conditions of a given transaction (Acquisition, Disposal, Investment, Leasing, Sale, etc) before they commit. We further assist in the use of flexible terms to ensure the transaction is closed as it should be.

Land Surveying and Mapping and Demarcation

We work with seasoned and professional Land Surveying Experts to demarcate and map out parcels of land (residential, commercial, industrial, farmlands etc.). Our Surveyors use the best of tools and programmes to ensure accurate and timely preparations of cadastral plans (site plans) and maps. We further offer services to further demarcate properties with special and customized concrete poles and or dwarf walls to help with easy identification.

Land Title Preparation and Documentation

We assist Lessors and or transferors in the preparation of the appropriate documents (Leases, Sub-leases, Assignments, Mortgages, Tenancy Agreement and other Transfer Documents). We do the above with the parties in consultation with the appropriate bodies to ensure the documents meet all legal requirements and are executed properly.

Architectural and Engineering Services

Our team of qualified architects produce design concepts to meet the demands and tastes of our cherished clients. We thrive to develop designs as the client would love to see then without compromising on professionalism. Our designs include interior and exterior designs and landscaping for new and already existing building projects. We further offer varied services in the construction or development of the project.

Valuation / Property Appraisal

We provide Valuation of Landed Property and other Assets for sale, mortgage, rentals, rating, and compensation claims among others. Our Valuation team are members of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS) and as such all valuations we prepared are according to laid down standards.

Feasibility and Viability Studies / Research

We offer research services (feasibility and viability studies) into the Land Market to come out workable projects. We undertake the above to advise investors on the trends of property needs and also to come out with areas of investment with the highest returns.

Estate Management

We offer property brokerage services. Our brokerage, agency or management services include rentals, leasing, sales, acquisition and disposal of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our brokers are experienced professionals in Estate and Land management who employ standard property management practices to ensure both individuals and corporate bodies who engage our services enjoy optimum results.

Land Investment Banking

Land Investment Banking is a new product introduced by Prime Phoenix Property Consult to offer investors or our cherished clients the opportunity to peg funds with landed property, which has proven to be hedge against inflation, and enjoy high returns, given the scarce nature of landed properties as against its high demand. This product allows investors to see their investment appreciate as much as the value of land increases.

Collection of Ground Rent

With our collaboration with the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands (OASL) in Tamale, we are accredited to collect Stool / Skin land rent on behalf of OASL within Tamale. Our cherished clients can walk into our offices during working hours to pay their ground rent. Better yet, you could place a call for an agent to be dispatched to your location to render this service.


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